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Mario Cravo Neto

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* 1947 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

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Mario Cravo Neto was born 1947 in Salvador da Bahia. Since the age of seventeen, he studied sculpture and photography under the guidance of his father, the well-known sculptor Mario Cravo Júnior. In the 1960s Cravo Neto lived in Berlin before moving to New York. In 1970 he returned to Brazil, and since then lives and works in Salvador. The recipient of numerous awards, Cravo Neto is today considered one of Brazil's most important photographers.

The cult practices of the Candomblé *), the Afro-Brazilian religion in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil), are the theme of Trance_Territories. With his photographs, Cravo Neto impressively continues the work on the Candomblé initiated by Pierre Verger; he transcribes it in colors while also finding for it a new visual expression in the 21st century.

Cravo Neto’s photographs depict people and objects, as well as the preparations for cult practices and how these transpire. What emerge are sculptural images, whose magical quality is inescapable for their viewers. The mystic and supernatural, brought to a halt in cult practices, is continued in minute detail in the photographic image.


Mario Cravo Neto shows the photo-/sound installation Trance_Territories.

Trance_Territories in Berlin

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