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Photos by Pierre Verger and Mario Cravo Neto


Exhibition / Venues

Frankfurt am Main

Museum der Weltkulturen
(Museum of World Cultures)

16 February - 5 June 2005

Museum der Weltkulturen

Press conference:
Monday, 14 Febr. 2005, 11 am

Tuesday, 15 Febr. 2005, 6 pm

Museum der Weltkulturen, Galerie 37
Schaumainkai 37

>> Parallel program

The Museum of World Cultures in Frankfurt, the second venue for the exhibition of "Black Gods in Exile", will show more than 100 photographs by Pierre Verger, complemented with artefacts from the Museum's collection. Quotes by Pierre Verger guide through the show and convey his appreciation of Afro-Brazilian culture and life.

A coproduction of the Goethe-Institut and the Pierre Verger Foundation, in cooperation with the Museum of Ethnology Berlin-Dahlem, the Museum of World Cultures Frankfurt a.M., the Linden Museum Stuttgart, the State Museum of Ethnology Munich, the publishing house Das Wunderhorn, the German Film Museum Frankfurt am Main and the Institut Français Frankfurt am Main. Under the patronage of the Brazilian minister of culture. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Department of Culture and Leasure of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

The parallel program was designed in cooperation with the German Film Museum Frankfurt am Main, and the Institut Français Frankfurt.

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