Pierre Fatumbi Verger

 Mario Cravo Neto

Photo exhibition and supporting program, September 2004 - Summer 2006

Photos and information:

>> Pierre Verger: 110 photos, texts

>> Mario Cravo Neto: 44 photo pages

>> Photos from Berlin

Berlin: Opening, exhibition, Candomblé ritual

A project of the Goethe-Institut and the Pierre Verger Foundation Salvador/Bahia, in cooperation with the Museum of Ethnology Berlin-Dahlem, the Museum of World Cultures Frankfurt a.M., the Linden-Museum Stuttgart, the State Museum of Ethnology Munich and the publishing house Das Wunderhorn Heidelberg. Under the patronage of the Brazilian minister of culture. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

All the venues:

Berlin, September - November 2004
Frankfurt/M., February - June 2005
Stuttgart, June - September 2005
Munich, February - May 2006
Basel, July - August 2006

Pierre Verger Foundation Goethe-Institut funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation