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Pierre Verger Foundation
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

"The Pierre Verger Foundation is born of my love for two places: Bahia and the region of Africa located within the Gulf of Benin. The Foundation has for purpose, through its aims and activities, to enhance this shared heritage by revealing to Bahia the knowledge it has of Benin and Nigeria and by informing those two countries of their cultural influence on Bahia", stated Pierre Verger in the first newsletter of the Foundation. As founder and president, Verger donated to the Foundation the totality of his personal collection that he had gathered during decades of travels and research. The collection is composed of tens of books and articles, 62 000 negatives, sound recordings, films and videos, besides a valuable collection of books, publications of all kind, documents, slips, letters, manuscripts and ritual objects.

Created in 1988, the Pierre Verger Foundation is a private non-profit institution; the resources are provided exclusively by the copyrights of Pierre Verger’s work, members’ subscription and occasional donations. It operates from within the house where Verger lived for his last thirty years, located on the Ladeira da Vila América in Salvador, Bahia. Run by a team of friends, collaborators and admirers, the Foundation is in charge of the preservation and spread of Pierre Verger’s work.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:



To actuate as a research centre, by making available to the public the photographic collection, the library and the personal archives of its founder



To deepen the study of the reciprocal influences between Brazil and Africa and to elaborate publications on this topic



To incite interdisciplinary cooperation notably between anthropology, history, music, arts and botany



To maintain relations with other international cultural organisations interested in African cultures and the issues of the African Diaspora in the Americas

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Fundação Pierre Verger

2ª Travessa da Ladeira da Vila América, 6
Engenho Velho de Brotas
40.243-340 - Salvador - BA

Tel: (+55 71) 261 74 53,
261 16 95
Fax: (+55 71) 261 2756

Email: fpv@pierreverger.org


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