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Photos by Pierre Verger and Mario Cravo Neto



Das Wunderhorn, Heidelberg, publishes the following editions to the exhibition:

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Manfred Metzner / Michael M. Thoss (Ed.)

Pierre Verger
Black Gods in Exile


Format 27,5 x 31,5 cm; 490 b/w photographs (duplex)
352 pages, bound edition with dust jacket

With dedications by Dr. Christina Weiss and Gilberto Gil.

With texts by Roger Bastide, Mario Cravo Neto, Emmanuel Garrigues, Gilberto Gil, Édouard Glissant, Erica Jane de Hohenstein, Angela Lühning, Manfred Metzner, Michael Thoss, Pierre Verger a.o.

Translated from Brazilian Portuguese by Margrit Klingler-Clavijo. Translated from French by Beate Thill

Euro 49,90 / Sfr 85,50
ISBN 3-88423-223-1


Pierre Verger

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Verger Postcards

26 different motifs
0,80 Euro/per piece; 1,70 SFr/per piece

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Verger Postcards


Mario Cravo Neto


88 color photographs, 100 pages,
bound edition with dust jacket

With texts by Mario Cravo Neto and Ilares Tavares

Euro 24,80 / SFr 43,50
ISBN 3-88423-224-X

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Mario Cravo Neto